Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Healthy As An Ox...

I had a follow-up appointment to see Dr. "Black" (just substitute the German word for black) at his office this morning. A couple of weeks ago, I had my once-every-few-years-or-so physical, and I had to go find out my test results this morning at 8:30 (argh!).

I'm happy to report that I'm a very healthy physical specimen.

All my levels are completely normal (including a VERY low cholesterol level), my lung capacity measures WAY above normal, my EKG is fine, and my body mass index is also in the normal range.

The martini/wine consumption has been a little heavier than usual over the past few months, so I was sweating (not really!) the blood sugar and liver function tests a bit. However, I'm relieved to say that these levels also fell well within the normal range.

Dr. Black (who, by the way, could be the separated-at-birth twin brother of Al Bundy) also took an x-ray of my massive lungs, and I'm pleased to report that the smoke from the occasional cigar has not had any impact.

All in all, I'm 99% pleased with the care I received from Dr. Black and his staff. He actually told me that my results were "boring"! Which, I guess, is a good thing. My only complaint is:
the chest hair has not yet grown back in the spots where his assitant shaved me for the EKG!
I know...too much info!


Global Librarian said...

I wish I had boring test results.

At my appointment this afternoon I was informed that I have a "very interesting and unusual case history." This was said with a slight smile and a hint of excitement.

Fabulous. Glad I could make your day, Doctor.

Bobby The C said...

funny! I had a nurse cut my chest shaving me. How dare?!

Dixie said...

And here I thought you were trying to give us a visual of your massive lungs!

christina said...

Yeah, really. Boring test results would be great right about now.

What's your secret?

The Big Finn said...

Christina - I guess I just have good genes. Both of my parents have really low cholesterol and good hearts. My cholesterol was 3.19 which translates to something like 125 on the American scale.
BTW...I like your new picture.