Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Only Thrrree Morrre Days...

...until Septemberrr.

Septemberrr is an "r" month, and that means...OYSTERRR SEASON IS ALMOST BACK! I haven't had an oysterrr since Aprrril, and I can't wait to slurrrp down some of that mucilaginous, salty goodness.

I guess it's time for me to break out my trusty oyster knife and revert to my "crazy shucker" fall/winter persona. Let's see if I can keep alive my six-year streak of NOT stabbing myself in the left palm.

...hope I didn't just jinx myself.

Of course, oyster farmers want you to believe that it's OK to eat oysters during the non-"r" months, but oysters need a period in the spring to recuperate from the winter so that they can reach their peak. Also, according to this website, "...oysters spawn in the summer, which can alter their flavor and texture. Oysters are best eaten when they are not feeling frisky." Or, as my friend Dr. Andy says: "I'm not eating oyster jizz!"

Maybe I'll drrrive overrr to Frrrance on Frrriday and pick me up a box of huîtres...even though it'll still be August. I hope they're all done spawning.

I meant the oysters...not the French.

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Michelle said...

Oysters and mussels too.. yum!!

I could eat them without end.