Thursday, December 11, 2008

Happy 1,000 To Me!

This is the 1,000th posting on The Big Finn's Big Blog. I guess I should really say 'Happy 1,000 To Us' even though Mrs. TBF hasn't blogged for ages (...ahem!). But regardless of who's been doing all the blogging, it's still a milestone. I figure that the average blog post is about 200 words, so that means TBFBB is equivalent to a 200,000 word novel.

How many pages would that be?

My first post on this blog was on June 17, 2004. That means it took 1,638 (4 years, 5 months, 24 days) to reach the big 1,000. At this torrid pace, I should reach 2,000 on June 6, 2013. I'll be 50 years old then.


Will I still be blogging then? Will blogs still exist? Will some other format take its place? I don't know...facebook is pretty darn easy...


Michael Lehet said...


islandgirl4ever2 said...

YAY!! Felicitations!
Just one quick question.... Did you COUNT your posts? How do you know you have 1,000? Is there some indicator somewhere? Please do tell.... I'd like to know where I am in my blog posts... Merci... Leesa


The Big Finn said...

Michael - T'anks.

Leesa - Just go to your Blogger dashboard, and it shows you how many posts you have and when you last published.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations - that's an achievement!

J said...

Congrats, sir!