Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Things We Did During May - Part I

On May 2nd, we had our ceremonial burning of the last oyster crate of the season.

I know, I KNOW!!! It's OK to eat oysters during the summer. However, we're old-school when it comes to oysters, and we still prefer not to eat them during the "r" months.

Oh yeah... and I'm officially taking credit for coining the phrase: "That thing burned faster than an oyster crate."

Stand back, people!!! It just takes one oyster crate for devil horns to be achieved.

Jusqu'au 1er Septembre, mon cher huîtres...


CanadianSwiss said...

Bravo! For someone who's taken very few French lessons, you did very well. However, I know you're expecting this, and it's "Jusqu'au 1er septembre, mes chères huîtres." Otherwise, I'll have to read: "I was sure CS would have corrected me first." :-)

The Big Finn said...

Take it up with Google Translate. I'm just happy that I figured out how to type the little triangle thingy over the "i".

...ESP... said... are the best devil horn maker with oyster box or not!!