Thursday, August 20, 2009

Sweet Relief!

Today's high is supposed to be 35˚C/95˚F. Tomorrow's high is only supposed to be 26˚C (high-70s), and on Saturday it's only supposed to get up to 23˚C (low 70s)!!

Maybe, by tomorrow, I'll even begin wearing a shirt again! Woo-HOO!!!

Yeah, it's been pretty hot this week. But this past week doesn't even come close to comparing to the summer of 2003 here in Basel. That summer was absolute hell. Temperatures regularly approached 40˚C (over 100˚F) for what seemed like three full months, and we had very little rain. Mrs. TBF has "air conditioning" at her office, but I remember her telling me that it pretty much just cooled the office down to the point where I would have been just sweating rather than sweating profusely.

Speaking of sweating profusely...

Here's a self-portrait taken after riding my bike back from the gym on August 6, 2003. I would ride my bike to the gym, change out of my soaking wet bike riding clothes, and then I'd change into fresh workout clothes. After my workout, I'd just stand under a cold shower, dry off, and then change into fresh clothes for the bike ride home. By the time I was at home, those clothes would be soaked through.

Lots of laundry that summer!

We were miserable (along with all of the neighbors), and the pets were miserable too. But hey, life goes on!

God bless "too cold" (as all the Europeans call it) American air conditioning!!!


Jul said...

Soooooo hot here in Munich, too. I have my eye on Saturday, which promises to be rainy with a high of 18. Can't wait.

In the meantime, the heat is zapping all of my energy. Guess I'll just have to sit here and read blogs all day.

Rrraj said...

We love it here in Finland when you guys have a heat wave! The summer of 2003 was the absolute best - constant sunshine and weeks of 25C temperatures. This summer hasn't been bad either - right now the sun is shining and it is 19C. Purrrfect. Maybe it is time you & Mrs. TBF made another trip to Helsinki.

I agree with the Europeans - aircon is too cold. I usually switch the AC off when I stay at hotels in America, for it gives me a sore throat by morning.

The Big Finn said...

Rrraj - Let's here what you have to say around January. Also, here's a tip regarding American air conditioning: turn up the temperature! You can keep it at 25˚ (instead of 20˚) if you wish. If you turn it off, the humidity will start creeping in, and things will get unpleasant.

CanadianSwiss said...

Well I'm (almost) not complaining considering the rather cool and rainy weather we've had in June and July. However, I am looking forward to "normal" summer temps on again. The bike rides to work are fine in the morning (18-20°C), but the way home is pure sweat.

BTW, why don't you use your bike to got to the gym anymore?

PS: I still hate North American airco! Always did, even as a kid. Muss be my Swiss blood ;-)

The Big Finn said...

CS - The gym is too close to where we live now (only 7 minutes by tram). It's not worth the hassle of getting the bike out of the bike room. Reinach was farther away (something like 20 minutes), and my bike was parked just outside our front door at our old place.

christina said...

We made it up to 34C today and that's quite enough. I remember that summer of 2003. 35°C *at night* and I thought I was going to just kick the bucket then and there.

The DP said...

I am so over this weather, but like CS said, it was nice and cool in June and July so I am trying to give it a pass.

J said...

I loved the summer of 2003. Germans were melting left and right, but it was my kind of weather.