Saturday, July 17, 2010

The NY Finalist...

Mrs. TBF and I went out with the NY real estate agent yesterday afternoon, and we looked at four homes in the White Plains area. One of the homes had just accepted a contract, so that one didn't really count (and Mrs. TBF didn't like it anyway). After looking at the three main candidates, we managed to come up with the NY finalist. And, here it is:

Other than the fact that the entire interior needs to be repainted (i.e. the entry foyer is really, REALLY orange!), and we don't like the exterior color (but the paint is in good shape), it's a pretty nice house.
And get this: the house was owned by Germans who have moved back to Germany. In something that struck me as funny, the Germans were afraid of the gas cook top, so they converted it to electric.


Cook top aside, the kitchen is really nice, the layout is great, the rooms are generous, and (something that appeals to me more than it does to Mrs. TBF) it has an pool and hot tub!

In about an hour, we're going to head out together to Connecticut to look at the six potentials from the 25 or so that I saw with the realtor on my own. And in my opinion, all six of the homes are nicer than the NY finalist.

I have a hunch we're going to end up living in Connecticut.


Michelle said...

Wow I didn't realize how much time had passed since the last post but exciting news about the move back to the US!! Hope it is going smoothly and you enjoy being back! Experiencing any reverse culture shock so far?

The Big Finn said...

Michelle - Not too bad so far. Although, Mrs. TBF did just say "you're going to have to figure out what you want to eat tomorrow so we can..." Then she remembered that stores are open here on Sunday.

...ESP... said...

TBF - Haha MRS. TBF....those no shopping Sundays are long gone. Its great since moving from Switzerland that we can go shopping if we choose on Sundays and make noise if we want too!!! Can't wait to see the CT finalists...good luck you two. Too exciting indeed.

Unknown said...

Interesting stuff!

Bobby The C said...

you must change your description, you no longer live in Switzerland. Go CT