Thursday, June 09, 2011

Over The Pond... AGAIN!

Ok, so here's why I haven't blogged in over a month.

Our trip to London went well. We visited with friends (one of whom was celebrating his 50th birthday), saw a show (Million Dollar Quartet), took a self-portrait in an actual polo field, ate out at a couple of nice restaurants, and came home.

Then, Mrs. TBF went on the strangest business trip in history (Poland and India in the same week) while I stayed at home and... OK! I could have blogged then, but I forgot. Also, I'm happy to say that, due to the kindness of two different neighbors who had me over for dinner, I managed to eat very well while Mrs. TBF was gone.

Let's see... what else happened?

Oh! I was at our local grocery store, and two nuns in full nun-regalia were standing in front of me in the check-out line. I deliberately grazed one of the nun's habits, thus obtaining a nun "booster shot" from when I deliberately grazed a nun's habit who was standing in the security line in front of me in Lisbon Airport last spring - thus, obtaining (in my mind) an excuse for pretty much never having to go to church again (as long as I can manage to keep touching a nun). Ummmm... Actually... I'm guessing I shouldn't advertise it. I'm thinking I could probably be put in jail for that.

And now? I am currently sitting in a hotel room in Paris.

First, we spent four nights in Basel - my first trip back since leaving last July (Mrs. TBF's second) - and now we are spending four nights in Paris. We're currently staying in a hotel (it semi-sucks!) that Mrs. TBF's company arranged for a conference she is attending. Tomorrow, after checking out, we will head over to our regular hotel (which definitely does NOT suck!) for the last two nights of our trip. We'll chill for a couple of days, do some shopping, and eat some good food. Then, it's back to CT on Sunday.

Then? The home stretch to home renovation which will begin around August 1st. We have to finalize plans with the architect/general contractor, arrange for a mover to pack and store our stuff (we'll have to move out for about four months), and about a zillion other things that I don't really care to think about at the moment.

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Unknown said...

All sounds fun until you start talking about the renovation. I'm sure all guests will be happy to see it when it's done!

But then again, you may be able to take lots of photos while you watch it all happening...