Monday, June 28, 2004

Just Waiting For Mrs. The Big Finn's Phone Call...

It's after midnight, and I'm just sitting around waiting for Jo Ann to call me from New Jersey.
I ended up giving Dominique the medicine for her "problem", and it seems to have worked wonders. I did give in and give her some food, but about half as much as usual.
I saw my neighbor Paul in his back yard, and I invited him over for a couple of beers. Usually I don't drink during the week, but I consider this to be a sort of holiday week because my gym is closed, so...what the heck. We had a couple of beers and just talked for a little while. He and the family are moving back to the U.K. next month after living in Basel for over four years. He's a fellow job-free man, but he has two kids to take care of. So, he doesn't exactly have the same carefree existence as The Big Finn.
I guess the big "event" for tomorrow (or I guess actually later today) is that I will head into downtown Basel to pick up my Tissot watch that had to be repaired. It's only 3½ years old, and it already needed a major overhaul. Everybody always talks about "Swiss Quality", but so far I've found that it's pretty much a sham. We have a very expensive Swiss coffee maker that broke a few months after the two-year warranty expired (requiring a few hundred dollars in repairs), and now my Swiss watch has broken. And it's not like I've worn the thing every day for the last 3½ years. So, tomorrow I'll pay 250 CHF/$200 U.S. for the repair of my Swiss "quality" watch. Perhaps I should just stick with my $30 Timex Ironman watch that's been running for years without any problems.

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