Thursday, January 20, 2005

We're in the home stretch...

We get the keys to our new apartment this Friday night, and our focus has turned from packing to moving. This Saturday morning, we're going to drain and disassemble the water bed. Then, we'll bring it to the new place and set it up. Our plan is actually to begin sleeping at the new place this Saturday night so the pets can get used to it as quickly as possible. Along with the bed, the first things to be moved will be the coffee maker (top priority...waking up on Sunday morning without caffeine would not be a good thing), toiletries, pet supplies/medicine, toilet paper (the coffee maker takes priority) and paper towels, dining room table and a couple of chairs, etc., etc. I have a whole list of things. On Sunday, we'll just haul boxes from our current place, and put them into the storage area at the new place (I have a feeling that moving things up to our apartment in the elevator on a Sunday would be taboo!).
Yesterday, I packed some of the stereo stuff and most of the bar stock. I had an incredibly anal 2½ hour period of labeling all of the inputs and outputs on our stereo/satellite/T.V. combination so that I would have some hope of reassembling it correctly after the move. Everything's still hooked up, but we don't have surround-sound any more. I'll probably leave the T.V. hooked up until Wednesday morning, and then we'll be without satellite T.V. for probably about a week. YIKES!!!!!!!!!!!

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