Thursday, March 05, 2009

That Was Easy!

I met with the accountants (one American and one Swiss) earlier this afternoon. If you'll recall, last year I went into the meeting, armed with my perfectly organized records and laptop, full o' piss and vinegar, and I came out spitting a few nails.

This year, I opted for the low-tech approach. Reaaaaaaaaal low-tech!

Yes, I went in once again with my perfectly organized records, of course! However, this year? No laptop! Also, I just stuck my records into a jumbo, 2.5 gallon Ziploc bag which proved to be very popular with the bean counters. After barely and hour, we were all done. Somebody who looked like me forged Mrs. TBF's signature on a bunch of forms, I ate a couple of mints (individually wrapped with the firm's logo prominently displayed on the wrapper), drank a coffee, shot the breeze with the beaners for a few minutes, and that was it.

No attitude this year, no complaints, no...nothing! Happy! Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaapy!

Am I mellowing out in my old age, or what? Hell! I didn't even lie about our net worth for the Swiss wealth tax this year.

Wait a second...

Is that a halo over my head?


Mark said...

TBF, you are getting soooo mellow, but never ever relate that to age. Call it maturity :-)
About the halo, it's a small one bit it's a start, right?

CanadianSwiss said...

Halo? Looks more like a ceiling lighting to me (in the pict), but hey... Close enough, no?

Kirk said...

So you decided to keep rocking the goatee after Spain?

The Big Finn said...

Kirk - I'm just going to keep it through the end of the month. I just wanted to see how grey I am.

Unknown said...

Geeze I need to get started very soon on mine.. Looking like I should begin any second!