Saturday, March 05, 2005

I'm supposed to be in Klosters...but I'm not.

I was supposed to go to Klosters this weekend with a bunch of buddies for a weekend ski trip, but I had to cancel out at the last minute. Our suddenly very old dog has not been doing too well, and I figured it wasn't fair to Mrs. TBF to have to handle things on her own while I was off having fun.
Dominique has been kind of going downhill for the past two months. I brought her into the vet's office last week for blood and urine tests, and all the preliminary results were pretty normal. The problem is - her behavior hasn't been very normal.
For the past two weeks, she's been very hyper at night, drinking water like crazy, having to go out for a pee just about every hour during the evening, etc. When I brought her for the blood test, she was about 2 kilos lighter than the last time I weighed her. All of these symptoms pointed to thyroid over-medication (she's taken medicine for hypo-thyroidism for several years), so I just reduced the medication on my own while we waited for the thyroid blood test results. Reducing the medicine helped a lot, but the blood test ended up showing that her thyroid level was LOW. The doctor basically told me that since reducing the medicine helped, we should just ignore the test results and continue with the lower dosage of medicine. It got pretty bad last week. One night it was so bad that we started talking about the fact that it might be time to put her down.
I think it's just a matter of her being almost fourteen years old, and her body's just beginning to break down. She has cataracts, arthritis, and takes three different types of medicine which seem to help her a lot. She continues to poop and pee normally (although sometimes IN the house), she still has a ravenous appetite, and the tail still wags quite often. So, she still has some living left to do. But, instead of talking about her twilight years - I think it's more like she's now living in her twilight months.
It's all just incredibly sad, and I can't even write this without getting emotional about it. Mrs. TBF and I are just going to try to make the most of every day we have with her, and I'm going to try to not get too mad at "our baby" for having the occasional accident in the house...

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