Monday, March 14, 2005

Dominique....May 14, 1991 - March 14, 2005

Dominique went to heaven this morning at 9:15 a.m.

We made the decision to put her down this past Friday when she was finally diagnosed with chronic kidney failure. She had really been going downhill all week. We even noticed her health deteriorating over her past couple of days.

This past weekend was very emotional and very difficult. Dominique had unquenchable thirst, and she drank "gallons" of water. During the evening, we had to take her out every forty-five minutes for a pee. During the mornings, she was OK. She was very tired, so we just stayed on the bed with her a lot so we could be with her. We tried bringing her out for a couple of walks, but she was only interested in walking (very slowly) for a few minutes. During the evenings, she would begin pacing and drinking water every couple of minutes. Even though she was drinking a lot, she was dying of thirst because her kidneys could not process the water any more.

We're heart broken, and we've shed a lot of tears. But at the same time, we're happy that she lived to be almost fourteen years old and we have lots of pictures and great memories. We've already begun looking at our photo albums and rehashing great memories. We think she lived a great life...and on two continents!!! How many people can say their dog lived in the U.S.A. and Switzerland, and traveled to France, Germany, Lichtenstein, and Spain?

We're going to miss her terribly, and she'll always have a place in our hearts.


Anonymous said...

We were thinking about you and Mrs. TBF today be strong its a hard time for you both.

Anonymous said...

Our sympathy. When we lost our dog, I cried for a year every time I saw our vetrinarian. They truly take up a big spot in your heart. Cherish your memories.
Your cousin Nancy

Carlos said...

Poor poochie. Thanks for dropping by my blog. I like what I've seen of yours so far.