Thursday, April 07, 2005


Thanks to everybody who sent messages after Dominique died. A couple of days after we put her down, we took another old pet into our house - my mother-in-law Jo.
Jo was here for three weeks, and she just returned to Chicago yesterday. It was nice having our old pet here for a few weeks, but now it's just me, Mrs. TBF, and King (our cat). King is relishing his role as the sole survivor of pets. Which brings up an interesting thing that happened after we put Dominique to sleep.
During Dominique's last weekend, I played the song "Sole Survivor" by Asia, and I told Mrs. TBF that this was going to be King's new theme song. After we returned from Dominique's last visit to the vet, I put on Planet Rock for a little distraction. A few minutes later, Mrs. TBF walked into the room and said: "You won't believe what's playing on Planet Rock!" You guessed was "Sole Survivor" by Asia. What were the chances? It's not like this is a song you hear very often on the radio. King must have called in a request.

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