Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Mrs. TBF's brush with celebrity...

I just spoke with Mrs. TBF, and she ran into a celebrity at her hotel in Singapore. It was none other than....Anthony Bourdain.
Unless you watch the TV Food Network or UK Food Network, you might have never heard of him. But, as it turns out, we watch his show - "A Cook's Tour" - all the time. If you haven't seen his show, I recommend that you watch it. It's really informative and entertaining at the same time. Not only do we watch his show, but Mrs. TBF is actually currently reading Tony's (I feel that we're on a first-name basis now) book - "Kitchen Confidential." Man....are we cooking geeks, or what?
She said she saw him coming out of the bar at the hotel and she looked at him and said something like, "....oh my God...I watch your show all the time." He spoke with her for a few seconds, probably recognized a total cooking geek when he saw one, shook her hand, and (in my opinion) probably RAN FOR HIS LIFE!!! Just joking about the "RAN FOR HIS LIFE" part. I don't really want to experience a frying pan upside my head when Mrs. TBF gets home on Friday.
I'm now laughing to myself as I think back about my earlier conversation with Mrs. TBF. It went something like this.

Mrs. TBF: "Guess which celebrity I saw in my hotel lobby this evening. It's somebody you really like!"

TBF: "Jon Anderson from Yes."

Mrs. TBF: "No!!! ...not a musician!"

TBF: [Damn!!! I guess that counts out Geddy Lee!] Jeff Bridges???"

Mrs. TBF: "Not an actor."

TBF: "President Bush?"

Mrs. TBF: "No!! [chuckling].

This banter went on for eons, and then she finally gave me enough clues so that I was able to guess Anthony Bourdain (sorry...Tony). Now, when I think back about it, it's kind of funny that the top three celebrities that come to my mind are: Jon Anderson, Jeff Bridges, and President Bush.
I mean, Tony's no slouch...but he's no Jon Anderson.

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