Monday, April 11, 2005

Hey, Mrs. TBF - SURPRISE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mrs. TBF is currently somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean on her way to New York. So, she has no idea that....I SIGNED US UP FOR FRENCH LESSONS TODAY! We've been talking about it, but we hadn't really come to a definite decision as to when. I changed all that.
After working out at the gym, I walked across the street to Berlitz (which is conveniently located right above Paddy Reilly's Irish Pub) and signed us up for 24 WEEKS of 90-MINUTE LESSONS...TWO TIMES PER WEEK!!! Actually, Berlitz is pretty flexible. We can work around Madame TBF's busy travel schedule, and we have a year to use all of the lessons.
I'm excited about it! I have considered it my duty to learn German since we live in a German speaking area. However, I always looked at it as a chore. Even though I enjoyed the actual lessons and conversation classes, I never really had that much interest in it (sorry...Christian, Esther, entire staff at SKK, and every German speaker I have ever met!).
And, to tell you the absolute truth....we're Francophiles. We like to travel in France, I grocery shop in France every week, we like French food, I like French beer (sorry Christian), and I even like the French people (gasp!!!).
So there you have it! At the end of this month, we're going to begin parlez vous Francais-ing! I'm going to learn what the hell these things mean - é, â, à, ê - and how you pronounce them. Sacre bleu......I guess I'll even know what this thing - ç - means before too long.
First things first...I have self-tests sitting on our dining room table so they know where we should begin. I had one year of high school French vs. Mrs. TBF's several years of French (including university-level French Literature In French). I looked at the test, and I think I understand about 1% of it. It's possible that I may have to take a few lessons on my own to reach her level. I'll keep you posted.

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