Friday, April 22, 2005

Cigars, tennis, and palm trees...

I've been unpacking little by little today, and I came across a ziploc bag containing two cigar humidor sponges (each one enough for a 50-cigar humidor) and three Drymistats (each one enough for a 25-cigar humidor). I'm not sure when (if ever) I'll have 175 cigars in my humidor, but I'm damn ready in case that day ever comes.
Two other strange purchases that I unpacked today: seven tubes of tennis balls (Mrs. TBF says they're double the price in Switzerland) and Nair face cream (since I couldn't find Nair For Men).
For the past few years, the ever-increasing density of ear hair has served as a harbinger of my impending middle-age. A few months ago I noticed an ad for Nair For Men in FHM magazine, and I thought that maybe I should look into it. To tell you the truth, I actually forgot about it until I went out to lunch with a couple of ex-coworkers - Dave and Ed. When I saw Ed, I noticed what appeared to be two medium-sized palm trees growing from his earlobes (give him a break...he's in his 60s), and I was instantly reminded of the need to buy a hair-removal product. After lunch, I stopped at Dominicks and bought some Nair. Later, I told my sister what I had bought, and she said, "...I kind of noticed you had an ear hair thing going on!" I guess I needed it worse than I thought.
I can't believe Mrs. TBF hasn't said anything about it in the past. I guess it just goes to show you that love is truly blind!

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Anonymous said...

I went right out and got the Nair and am happy to report that now, the only "palm tree" in my house is the fake one down in the basement.