Sunday, April 10, 2005

The Big Finn vs. FOTOAUTOMAT - It's a draw!

Two out of four ain't bad! Posted by Hello

I just came across this strip of photos under a pile of papers on my desk. They were taken at a passport photo booth in Basel not too far from my gym on March 11, 2005.

Mrs. TBF and I applied for new Swiss drivers licenses, and we needed to send in passport photos with our applications. I decided to go to this photo booth that is about a two-minute walk from my gym. First of all, let me say that whoever owns this photo booth is MAKING A FORTUNE. Whenever I walk by it, there are about 5-10 teenage girls and boys laughing, having their pictures taken, and just having the best time. I guess Basel must be lacking in entertainment for teenagers.
Anyway...I was very fortunate that when I needed to use the services of this photo booth, there was nobody else there. I put in my two francs, and started to read the German instructions. As you can see from the first picture, I was still reading the instructions with a somewhat troubled expression on my face and I wasn't ready for the blinding flash of light indicating that I had just been photographed. Then, just as I was reading that the camera took four SEPARATE pictures....FLASH!!!! Doh!!!!! Fortunately, the synapses in my brain engaged quickly enough for me to be ready for the third and fourth pictures. Unfortunately, the top of my head was cut off and the pictures were unusable for my license. Plus, I found out later that the photo size was wrong anyway. So, I just went to another booth the next day and took another photo.
Seeing that I didn't want to waste a couple of francs. I figured I'd post the pictures on my blog so that I'd get some return for my two francs.

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