Wednesday, April 27, 2005

I am the God of Hellfire!!!

Well, actually, I just assembled our Swiss patio grill/fireplace on our rooftop garden. It's this big concrete monstrosity that weighs about 400 kilos/880 pounds, that we had moved from our old place to our new place in January. Fortunately, it comes apart into about 15 pieces. The Swiss use these things to grill food, but we have always just used it as a patio fireplace because I don't really want the thing to get all greasy.
The thing is a real bitch to assemble. Some the pieces have to weigh a good 50 kilos, and the concrete is rough. Also, some of the screws were a bit rusted and didn't want to go in. Thank God for WD-40! I must admit that the old muscles are a bit sore today, and my hands are a bit scuffed up. Plus, the manicure I got last week in Chicago is totally trashed (...right now my dad is shaking his head wondering where he went wrong!).
I'm not really sure if we're allowed to use this thing on our rooftop or not. But, it's assembled, and I'm planning on using it. I've asked a few Swiss people whether or not this thing is legal on rooftops or not, and nobody can/wants to really tell me for sure. I asked the building superintendent, and she said gave me kind of a "semi-postive" thumbs up. So, that's good enough for me. Really, the only people I'm worried about are the people who live in the 15-storey building directly across the river from us. What I'm worried about is that they'll see fire on the top of our building and call the fire department. But I guess I'll just have to worry about that when/if the time comes.
In the meantime, when it warms up just a little bit more (and the rain stops), we'll be lighting a fire. I'm hoping for this Friday night.

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