Thursday, April 28, 2005


I subscribe to a daily "On This Day" e-mail in order to quench my thirst for useless trivia. One of the things listed for today involved our alma mater - Northwestern University. Here's one of the useless bits of trivia I picked up today that is now "...adding another strand to the old Duder's head.":

April 28, 1994 - Northwestern University announced the discovery of the gene that controls the "Biological Clock" (Circadian Rhythm).

When I saw the words "Circadian Rhythym", I was immediately reminded of another day in history - March 6, 2002 - to be exact. This little snippet of stupid banter comes from our "Quote Book."
We began keeping a book of quotes when we moved to Switzerland in 2000. Basically, the purpose of the book was to write down quotes by us and our neighbors that were blurted out after drinking a few beers on the patio. Typically, somebody would spout out some words of wisdom (at least they seemed wise at the time), and then somebody else would say: "...get the book!" There is only one rule: One quote per person per 24 hour period. So, my quote from March 6, 2002?

"I've never consciously fought the Circadian Rhythm."
- TBF 06.03.02 21:49

I have no idea why I said it, but somebody else at our patio table obviously thought it to be worthy of "the book."
Now, as I'm looking back over the book, I notice that most of the quotes are either verging on the edge of insanity ("Hey, I'm a seed - a watermelon seed." - James F. August 1, 2001), or too vulgar for a family oriented blog such as mine (TBF: "Hey John...I think Paul needs mouth-to-mouth resucsitation [sic]." Paul: ...choking & pointing at Mariah Carey on T.V... "I need [Canada's national animal] -to- mouth resuscitation!!!). This last quote being one of the more tame.
The Quote Book's been a bit idle lately. I think it's time I dusted it off and put it in an accessible place. Who knows what future words of wisdom will grace the book's pages.

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