Monday, May 02, 2005

Burn baby...burn!

The weather in Basel was unbelievable this weekend with temperatures of about 30ºC and clear skies. And, I'm happy to report, that I received my first sunburn of 2005!

Our ex-neighbors Andy and Di have an annual birthday barbecue for their daughter Alie, and I ended up being the "grill master" once again this past Saturday evening. I guess it was a combination of the sun and the "sheen" on my skin from the heat of the grills causing a magnifying effect that resulted in my "famer's tan." The burn wasn't too bad, but the top of my head is a little sore. I'm sure the skin on my scalp will be peeling by the end of the week...always a pleasant sight.

We're looking forward to a good week. Mrs. TBF has a five-day weekend coming up since Ascension Thursday is a holiday here and Novartis is closed on Wednesday and Friday too. Also, we begin our French lessons tonight, and our Cinqo de Mayo Party is coming up on Saturday.

That reminds me, I better get going with the oiling of the teak patio furniture!

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