Monday, May 23, 2005

Easy Jet to the rescue!

Mrs. TBF and I just finished booking a trip to Italy's Amalfi Coast for late August/early September. We had talked for several weeks about booking this vacation, and we made our final hotel/timing decisions this past weekend.
This morning, I checked flights on and found that there was NOTHING available between Zurich and Naples during the last two weeks of August. Alitalia was an option, but Alitalia (at least for me) is never really an option - too many strikes and too many financial woes. Mrs. TBF called me from work, and we kind of began resigning ourselves to the fact that maybe it just wouldn't be happening. She was able to book the hotels, but we just weren't having any luck getting a flight.
Then, on a whim, I decided to check Easy Jet (one of Europe's low-cost airlines). I began checking flights from Basel to London to Naples, and then Mrs. TBF discovered that they now fly DIRECTLY FROM BASEL TO NAPLES!!! We had no idea! Now, we don't have to go to Zurich Airport...we don't have to make a connection...just a nice, direct flight out of Basel's no-hassle EuroAirport. And, the best part about it? It only costs us a total of 185 CHF for the round-trip flight...FOR BOTH OF US! That's about $150 U.S. for two people! We spent more than that on gas for the Jeep when we drove to and from Burgundy last weekend. It would have been about four-times more expensive on Alitalia, and probably even more on Swiss. How the heck do they do it? Well, I no it's no-frills and that we'll be herded into the plane like cattle. But, who cares? I can handle a couple of hours of discomfort just as long as they get us there and back safely.
We're going to Amalfi!!!

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