Tuesday, May 24, 2005

They're really cute...

...but what the heck am I supposed to do with them? I'm talking about the mother duck and her three little baby ducks that are walking around our roof-top garden.
Last night, I went up to the roof to snip some chives, and this duck was sitting on the door mat right in front of the door leading out to the rooftop. It started quacking at me, and then I noticed three little baby ducks walking away from her. I have no clue where they came from. I had just trimmed some of the shrubs on the roof-top the day before, and I had seen no sign of a nest, eggs, ducks, etc.
My first instinct is to respect nature's natural selection and to not help them in any way at all. Afterall, if the mother is stupid enough to hatch them on our rooftop, then maybe that's nature's way of weeding out a dumb member of the species. However, I'm sure there's some Swiss law requiring me to save them - not to mention the fact that various neighbors in the tall building across the river are going to start ringing my doorbell to tell me about the ducks - so I feel compelled to do something.
Mrs. TBF said I should at least put out some water for them so they don't dehydrate. I actually came up with the rather dastardly idea of grilling up some duck breasts, cubing them up, and then putting them out to see if they eat it...at which point Mrs. TBF quickly pointed out that they're vegetarian (...how does she know all this stuff???)
What am I (Mrs. TBF is conveniently away on a business trip) going to do? Since there's no mention of "duck care" in our rental agreement, I'm going to tell Frau Fidi (the building super), and let her worry about it.

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