Monday, May 02, 2005

Hey...We're speaking French!

Well...sort of. We had our first French lesson earlier this evening, and I have to say that we walked out of it feeling pretty excited. Of course, we're envisioning being fluent in about four weeks - which, of course, will just not be the case. The teacher told me that my French accent was very good (must be because I'm Canadian!), and she said that Mrs. TBF "...has just a bit of an American accent." HA!!! Stinkin' American...PFUI!
We rode home on the tram after our lesson, and naturally Mrs. TBF had to ruin a perfectly good French-high by asking me when we should do our homework.
Stinkin' American....PFUI!!!

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The DP said...

as an American who speaks French, I have to vouch for you on that one. Anglophone Canadians generally have a better French accent. I have a theory about it involving cereal boxes and Jean Chretien, but I won't get into that now. I heart Canada.