Tuesday, May 24, 2005

My brush with celebrity...

As you may recall, Mrs. TBF had a brush with celebrity a few weeks ago in Singapore when she ran into chef/author/T.V. personality Tony Bourdain. Today, I spotted a real-live celebrity in Basel.
After my German conversation class, I thought I'd walk over to Starbucks for a coffee. As I passed Mr. Pickwick's Pub - which is right next-door to Starbucks - I saw Nick Oliveri sitting at a table enjoying an al fresco pint with a couple of rock and roll looking dudes. Who is Nick Oliveri you ask? Why he's the previous bass player from Queens of the Stone Age, currently playing in Dwarves and Mondo Generator. I didn't talk to him, but I'm 100% certain it was him.
If you ask me, Nick Oliveri beats Tony Bourdain any day!

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