Monday, May 30, 2005

Eight pairs of shoes...

That's what Mrs. TBF had in her suitcase when she returned from the U.S. yesterday afternoon. Along with the shoes, she had a bunch of new clothes, three bathing suits, an iPod shuffle for me, two sleeves of tennis balls, and other stuff I'm not remembering right now. As I was loading her suitcases into the back of the Jeep at Basel Airport yesterday afternoon, she let out a quiet but demonic "...ha, Ha, HAAAAA!" because she knew that our streak of sneaking goods into Switzerland with a value way over the duty-free limit of 300 CHF was still intact.
After returning home, Mrs. TBF unpacked, showered, and then we enjoyed a nice meal AND FIRE on our rooftop (Is it rooftop, roof top, or roof-top? Help!). Yup, that's right...we had our first fire at our new apartment and it went without a hitch. We didn't start anything else on fire, and none of the neighbors complained. It was nice and relaxing fire, albeit a bit warm since the outdoor temperature was still in the upper 20s. I'm sure the Swiss neighbors thought we were nuts. Hey, but who cares?
After several days of heat and sunshine, today's cool and rainy weather is a welcome relief. Rammy and I went back to the nursery in Germany where I bought my BBQ last week. She bought a Weber patio fireplace and some plants for the garden. I just bought some garden plants. The plants are quite a bit cheaper, and the selection is much larger, in Germany than in Switzerland.
I just read what I wrote. God, it's boring. I think I'd better stop writing for now.


Gretchen said...

I'm so jealous! I'm going to the States in August and I can't wait to buy shoes!! (Although I'm not sure if I'll get 8) By the way, I need to find out how to get to the nursery in Germany you've mentioned.

The DP said...

quality, quality smuggling. that is so awesome!