Thursday, November 16, 2006

Wine A Little...You'll Feel Better!

While TBF was away...Mrs. TBF did play.

Last year, I went to the Basel Wine Expo alone while Mrs. TBF slaved away on a business trip. This year, Mrs. TBF returned the favor by going to the Basler Weinmesse without yours truly while I was in Chicago taking a much needed, as my friend Dave would say, "...vacation from doing nothing!"

I returned to Basel last Wednesday, followed by Mrs. TBF on Thursday. On Thursday evening (jet lag be damned!!!) we went to a "geniesser abend" at our local wine merchant's shop for a wine tasting. While we were slurping away, I casually asked Mrs. TBF how much wine she had bought at the expo. "Oh...some," she replied. I figured it wasn't too much, and we ended up buying more wine at the wine tasting.

The next day, I found the "obviously purchased without adding up the total price" list of wines that Mrs. TBF bought at the Weinmesse. I began adding up the number of bottles along the left margin. When the number went over thirty bottles, I decided it was time to break out the trusty calculator and add up the total coast. And...? I'm happy to report that Mrs. TBF spent four times as much money at the Weinmesse this year than I did last year.

This morning, a partial order was delivered which I promptly put away in the "drink now" wine rack. I'm happy to say that France and Italy are well represented.

Hmmmmm...what kind of wine do you serve with...ketchup soup?!?!?


Unknown said...

ketchup soup? Is that what you eat when you don't like the food being served?

The Big Finn said...

ET - No. I was pretending that we are now poor because of all the money we spent on wine. Ketchup soup is what one eats when they're poor.

christina said...

Didn't Marlo Thomas eat ketchup soup on That Girl?

The DP said...

So what do you think, a Riesling or a Chardonnay with your Ramen noodles?