Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Feeling The (lack of) Heat

Two years ago at this time, we were in Amalfi enjoying the sunshine and warm temperatures.

Last year at this time, we were in Amalfi enjoying the sunshine and warm temperatures.

This morning, I walked Mrs. TBF to the tram at 7:40, and it was sunny...but only 7˚C (mid-40s ˚F).

What the heck happened?

Here's what happened: we didn't go to Amalfi this year.

Yes, despite the fact that Mrs. TBF said last year that she wanted to go back to Amalfi every year for the rest of her life, we didn't go this year. Why? Well...the main reason is that we'll be going to Japan next month to celebrate our twentieth wedding anniversary, and we just felt that three long vacations in three consecutive months (August: Chicago/Canada, September: Amalfi, October: Japan) would be a bit too much. And...well...that's pretty much the reason.

But don't worry. We'll probably end up going to Amalfi at some point next spring. Perhaps during the "Basel Week Of Hell..." when Euro 2008 and Art Basel are occurring simultaneously during the first week of June, 2008!

All is not lost, however, regarding warm/sunny vacations. As I mentioned recently, we will be heading back to El Montiboli in Villajoyosa, Spain (one week from tomorrow) for a long weekend.

Who knows? Maybe I'll even score a "perfect day" while we're there!

...bacon, blue sky/sunny weather, cigar, marital relations, sauna, (in alphabetical order)!!!!!


Jul said...

Oooo, have fun in Japan! Let me know if you need any pointers. Having been there all of once, I am of course an expert on all things Japan.

And for the record, I LOVE this weather. Yay fall!

Michael Lehet said...

I can't wait to see YOU in Japan! You're going to be like Godzilla returning.

CanadianSwiss said...

I'm glad for you that you pointed out that the descriptive words are in alphabetical order and not by importance ;)

The Big Finn said...

Jul - I may call on you to share some of your expertise regarding Japan. Our hotels are booked, and we have a general idea of how many days we're going to spend where. However, we haven't booked the rail passes yet. That's next.

Michael - I like that...God-zhirra!!!

CS - I chose my words carefully.

Jul said...

We got the 2-week rail passes for our trip. I don't even know if they saved us money (they probably did), but they were totally worth it from a convenience standpoint. They get you on all but the fastest bullet trains (which aren't that much faster than the second-fastest bullet trains), and some urban rail networks in Tokyo and Kyoto. And you can make unlimited train reservations for free. And the passes are shiny!

Eva said...

So jealous you're going to japan! I lived in tokyo for 4 months 2 years ago and it was fantastic, can't wait to go back....enjoy all the sushi and sake ;-)