Wednesday, January 20, 2010


I sure was at about 1 p.m. just after I had finished working out. Seeing how I was completely out of cash and all, I walked over to a bank machine not too far from my gym so that I could fill up the money clip. It just so happened, the machine was right next to THE Burger King.

I call it "THE" Burger King because it's the ONLY Burger King in Basel.

Since I normally try to watch what I eat during the week, I figured it was best to skip the fries and I only went for a Whopper. No fries, no drink, no cheese, no bacon. Nope... just a Whopper.

I'll tell ya, it's a good thing I had just stopped at the cash machine because...

A Whopper in Switzerland costs CHF 7.50. That comes out to $7.17 in American money!!!!

For "A" Whopper.



Last month, while in Chicago, I seem to recall seeing promotions for 2 Whoppers for $4!

It's unbelievable to me that a Whopper costs nearly four times as much in Basel as it does in Chicago. What's the minimum wage here right now? Actually, what is it in America these days? $8/hour???

Are the Basel Burger King employees actually making $30/hour?

Come on!! They're unskilled workers for chrissake! OK, they can speak multiple languages, but I'm sure their English is pretty much limited to "Would you like cheese or bacon?" or "Would you like ketchup or mayonnaise?" ... for which they charge extra, by the way. That's right, they charge you for each individual packet of ketchup or mayo... something like 30 cents per pack!! My friend, Dr. Andy, always orders something like four packets of ketchup with his fries. I wonder if he realizes that he's paying over a buck for ketchup.

And... as if it couldn't get any worse, my Whopper wasn't even hot - even though it was made to order. It was barely lukewarm!


I'll be back.

TBF just needs to eat a Whopper every now and then.


Kristin said...

I've got you beat. lol. When I was in Zurich last month, we went out for Mexican food. Big mistake. A burrito plate, which in California costs about $7, costs $34.

A Coke was $5 and a grilled cheese (oh, sorry Croque Monsiuer, lol) was $12

islandgirl4ever2 said...

I think because it's an imported delicacy!! haha!! That's really a riot AND amazing-- like $7 lattes at Starbucks in Paris, right.

It wasn't hot? They could have nuked it for you!!

: )

The Big Finn said...

Kristin - It's the same in Basel. The main (maybe only) Mexican restaurant is really expensive. We were there once a few years ago. It was good, but the portions were small, and it was over $100 for two people. A single margarita approaches $20.

Leesa - It's not even imported. Swiss beef... Swiss potatoes!

Unknown said...

Ok - that has Canada beat but not far behind. We have the lowest min wage in the country and at A&W a burger is roughly $3.25. Promo is 2 for $6 sometimes. But when min wage is $8, that just doesn't correlate if you ask me!

Besides that I got laid off today.. Everything is just swell.

Rrraj said...

LOL.. I know the feeling! At least you've got ONE BK over there. We have ZERO here in Finland. I grate like a chunk of parmesan every time I see McD make a big deal of a "value meal" that's only 14 USD. But we have you beat - we don't have to pay for ketchup here! Yaayyy (but I guess they make up for it with mayo @ 75 cents a pack)

I guess industrial food production and cheap/illegal labor in America are to be blamed? Besides, remember.. no public health-care nor pensions in the land of freedom and justice.

Great to have you back! You two look young as ever.

The DP said...

minimum wage in switzerland is around 3000 a month, so it is fair to assume that the person flipping your burger is making 18 an hour for a 41 hour work week. :)

islandgirl4ever2 said...


Might not be a "bad" thing that it's Swiss beef.. I bet it's not chock full of antibiotics, hormones and fungicides (yes, I said that)... like in the U.S.!
Gotta be thankful for something, right?!
Take care and have another Whopper!