Sunday, July 18, 2004

The Makers of Slim-Fast...Stupid or Brilliant???

I just read in this weekend's International Herald Tribune that Whoopi Goldberg was dropped as the spokesperson for Slim-Fast for using George Bush's (whom they refer to as "W") surname as a "sexual reference."  Either the Slim-Fast people are the dumbest people in the world (why would you think Whoopi Goldberg would not put her foot in her mouth?), or they're the smartest people in the world (why would you think Whoopi Goldberg would not put her foot in her mouth?).  After all, she kind of has a track record of doing things that appear to be judgements of error but might actually be planned publicity stunts (remember the incident with Ted Danson?).  I'm kind of leaning toward Slim-Fast marketing genius.  You know the old saying...there's no such thing as bad publicity!  You drop Whoopi like a hot potato, she probably stops getting paid due to some kind of clause in the contract, and Slim-Fast gets loads of free publicity...I'm reading about it in Switzerland for God's sake.  Regardless, I think it's a dumb product anyway.  Just cut back on the amount you eat and exercise more.  How complicated is that?  To prove my point, I'm going to go on a diet for one month starting today.  I'm going to eat whatever I want but try to cut  my food consumption by a third, exercise more, eat slowly and chew my food better, drink more water, and not drink alcoholic beverages from Monday - Thursday.  I'm going to head to the gym in a couple of hours, and I'll weigh myself in.  Then, I'll weigh myself in one month.  We'll see how I do.

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