Friday, July 30, 2004

When was my sister born???

My parents just pointed out to me via e-mail that I had shown my sister's birthyear as 1964 in my profile.  Let me set the record straight - she was born in 1966.  Wow...that means she's going to be forty years old in a couple of years.
Yesterday, I went to the Reinach Swimming Pool with Andy, Sam, and Alie.  It was sunny and warm, and it was my first time at the pool this year.  I got a little sunburned, but I think I also pulled a muscle in my upper back throwing the kids around in the pool.  So, I guess that means no gym today.  Or, maybe I'll go (as Jo Ann suggested) and just hit the sauna and whirlpool. 
It looks like the nice weather is going to continue.  It's going to be a beautiful weekend here in Basel...sunny with a high temperature of about 32ºC/high 80sºF.  I guess I'll be sleeping with the fan blowing on my head. 
This Sunday is Swiss National Day.  It's kind of the Swiss equivalent of Independence Day in the U.S. or Canada Day in Canada...fireworks, BBQs, etc.  This is also the time of year when you can buy fireworks at the grocery store since they are legal here in Switzerland.  Some of them are massive (i.e. if they blow up in your're going to die!).  Last night, some jerk blew off one of these sticks of dynamite somewhere in our general vicinity at....3:00 A.M.!!!!  I woke up, Jo Ann woke up, but the pets continued their nocturnal comas.  Then Jo Ann started coughing and had to take allergy medicine.  For some reason, I haven't really been bothered by allergies this year, but Jo Ann has.  She's used up all of our Tylenol Fast Allergy Relief, and now she's going through the Tylenol Day-Time Allergy Relief.  Fortunately, one of her co-workers is in the U.S. right now...maybe she'll be able to bring some back for her.
This is going to be a  Jo Ann and Tim weekend.  We're not going to get together with'll just be us with the pets.  We'll make some good food, and enjoy our new patio furniture. 
I have to go....I'm watering John and Rammy's plants while they're away, and I better get to it before it gets hot!

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