Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Our new teak patio set has arrived!

Our new teak patio set was delivered this morning, and it's NICE!  We now have a new table, eight chairs, and a nice little garden bench that takes up about one-third of our grassy area in the backyard.  Do you tip delivery men in Switzerland?  I wasn't really sure, but I did it anyway.  He seemed a bit surprised.  So, maybe it's not the norm.  Perhaps I shouldn't have... seeing that I did help him bring all of the stuff into the backyard.  Anyway, the new furniture is on the patio, the old furniture is now on our bedroom balcony, and the crappy old wicker stuff we had on the balcony is now going to the dump (or "tip" as my British ex-neighbor Paul calls it). 
The dump is only open on Wednesday afternoons and Saturday, so I'll head over there in a little while.  After the dump, I'll head over to have the car washed.  Then, I might go out and buy some firewood for the little patio fireplace.  I'm not going to stray too far away today because Dominique's stomach is messed up...yet again!
Dominique had a little accident in the house while I was moving the furniture around.  So, that means she had to take the pills for her "runs" which means she can't eat for 24 hours.  I'm sure this evening will be fairly unpleasant when she begs non-stop for food until the moment she falls asleep.  But I guess that's a small price to pay.
I was going to go to the gym today, but I'm a little sore from yesterday's workout.  Plus, given the baby's condition, it's probably better that I don't leave the house for 3+ hours.  I think my neighbor Dave is might be time to stop giving Dominique people food and just stick with the pet food.  I admit it, I'm a sucker for giving her table scraps.  Maybe her stomach just can't handle it anymore.  Although I notice she only has problems with her stomach during the summer, so maybe it started when we had the hot and humid weather last week.  I guess I'll just have to go to the gym tomorrow and Friday. 

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