Sunday, February 27, 2005

Ich liebe es...

That's German for "I'm lovin' it!", and that's definitely what I'm feeling.
It's probably the snowiest day in Basel since we moved here, and on my way to pick up Rammy and Mrs. TBF from the Münchenstein Tennis Center I made a quick (and rare) stop at the local McDonalds.
As I pulled into the McDrive, I noticed that they were promoting today's special - the Rösti Special. What is the Rösti Special you ask? Well, it's an intoxicating combination of an all-beef patty, with tons of cheese, a Rösti (the Swiss version of hash browns) patty, and a couple of strips of bacon on an fried onion bun. It was unbelievably good. Perhaps I'll have to stop at Mickey Ds later in the week to sample another daily special.

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