Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Just say NO to drugs....

...I sure as Hell can't. I guess I should clarify. I'm talking about veterinary drugs.
Just about every time I go to Dr. Buser's office to get a refill on one of Dominique's drugs, I walk out with the latest viel besser medication. Today, I went to get some arthritis medication that I squirt on Dominique's food everyday. I came out with that AND a special arthritis medication for those extra-bad arthritis days that may (or may not) be coming up in the future. So, I guess I'm a sap when it comes to the pets.
At least I AM able to pass up on the constantly improving Swiffer...
Is it my imagination, or is there a new type of Swiffer every time I go to the grocery store? Yesterday, I saw a Swiffer that squirts liquid and wipes. It's ridiculous, and it must be stopped! Who decides that the world needs this kind of stuff? What happened to the good old-fashioned mop and bucket? HMMMMM...let me think about this for a moment...

People buying Swiffer wipes and liquid refills = company making money.

People using a mop for several years and filling a bucket with soapy water = company not making money.


People...this is mass brain-washing. You don't need it. My mom plunged my old pajamas into a bucket of water with some Spic (isn't this a little politically incorrect) 'N Span, or dishwashing liquid, or whatever was handy, and the floors were spotlessly clean.
Come to think of it...I'm pretty sure my mom NOW uses a Swiffer. Maybe it's not such a bad thing afterall.

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