Friday, June 03, 2005

Damn we're healthy!!!

I didn't mention that Mrs. TBF went for the results of her blood test from her check-up of about a month ago. Her cholesterol came in at a very respectable 4.23 (anything under 8 is good). That translates to about 160 on the U.S. scale. By the way, the U.S. is the only country that uses the scale where anything under 220 is considered good. The rest of the world - including Canada - is on a completely different standard. According to Dr. Schwarz, the U.S. pushed to get the whole world on a world-wide standard, and then they decided to not go along with everybody else after the entire world had switched to this new standard.
Anyhoooo....I say that Mrs. TBF's level was "respectable" because it did not equal yours truly's alarmingly good level of 3.19 from about a year ago. That's about a 121 on the U.S. scale. I remember Dr. Schwarz kind of looking at me as if I were some sort of X-Man when he told me this level. There was some talk about how he expected it to be high because I'm a big man. After revealing to me that I was in excellent health, he proceeded to tell me that I had " dietary restrictions whatsoever." And, I have followed his advice by continuing my strict regimen of limiting myself to no more than two servings of red meat PER DAY, fatty food, beer, wine, cigars, Pringles, etc.
I do have to give credit to my parents. They also have very low cholesterol levels, and I'm sure that they passed on the gift of low cholesterol genes to The Big Finn.
To DA GOOD LIFE!!! Cheers!!!

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The Big Finn said...

I forgot to mention cheese. Cheese...CHEESE...CAN'T GET ENOUGH CHEESE!!!!