Monday, June 06, 2005


After drinking beer and gorging on festival food this past Saturday at the Lausanne Beer Festival, I figured that I must have gained about five kilos. However, I weighed myself at the gym this afternoon and to my surprise found that I was even lighter than I was after my recent bout with the flu - 104.9 kilos!!!! That's 231 lbs.!!! I can't believe it!
Oddly enough, I was actually weighed at the beer festival. This group of young ladies was walking around the beer festival celebrating the upcoming wedding of their friend who was dressed up as a pregnant nun. For some reason, they were walking around asking men to step on a scale, asking them where they were from, and then logging this information onto a sheet of paper they had on a clipboard. They seemed pretty excited when I walked up because they probably thought the scale might break. I told them jokingly that I thought I weighed 120 kilos and was rather concerned when their scale showed that I was 115 kilos. I told them that my clothes must weigh 10 kilos. Their scale WAS wrong. I weighed myself on two different digital scales at the gym today, and both of them showed 104.9!!!

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