Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Mrs. TBF's going to be really excited about this one...NOT!

Last night, instead of helping Mrs. TBF clean up after dinner, I told her I had to go into our T.V. room so that I could listen to Rich Williams of the band Kansas being interviewed on Planet Rock. After she was done cleaning up, and I was still listening to the interview, we discussed the menu/shopping list for a dinner party we're having at our house this Saturday evening. Well...she talked, I half-listened and occasionally shushed her when I couldn't hear the interview, and...the long and short of it is that a menu and shopping list were assembled (I think).
One of my duties for this dinner party involved me having to go to a butcher shop in Binningen called Lang so that I could check out about getting a certain cut of lamb. As I was walking from the bus stop to the butcher shop, a poster with the word "KANSAS" jumped out at me from my peripheral vision. It turns out that they are playing at a concert venue in Pratteln called Z-7 (about 15 minutes from our house) on Tuesday, June 21st. I am soooooooooo there! Styx is actually playing at the same club on the following Monday, but I'll be in Finland. Kansas on Tuesday...leave for Helsinki on Thursday...what a week that will be. I'm livin' da good life!
Oh yeah...and I bought some lamb.

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