Monday, December 03, 2007

Winter Advice...

With all this blustery weather we've been having here in Basel for the past twenty-four hours, it appears that winter is upon us. I guess there's no better time than the present for a little winter tobogganing advice from Geddy Lee of Rush.


Sal DeTraglia said...

Huh? A Geddy Lee public service announcement for safe toboganning?

Are you it's legit?

Anonymous said...

After having watched the Big Fnn "air-drum" through too many Rush drum solos a few year's back, I could care less what Rush has to say about tobaganning. However....there is another unresolved matter that I must address. A number of weeks back, TBF posted disparaging comments and photos about America's favorite QB, Brett Favre. Of course, he is a Bears fan, and can not stand the fact that the Bears have gone through about 400 different starting QB's since Favre tooks the reins in GB in 1992. Everyone knows that #4 has broken all the relevant records this year, but have they also noticed the Packers are 10-2, while da bears are 5-7 and going to be home for the holidys??

What TBF doesn't know is that I sent Brett Favre (a personal friend) the disparaging photos - it was after that that Favre proceeded to go on a tear. Favre told me that if he ever met this TBF, he would make frenchy fries out of him. (Note: Favre doesn't care much for French fries)

The Big Finn said...

dr. john - I'm glad to see that you finally figured out how to leave a comment on my blog (after four years of trying). Congratulations.
Gloat all you want about the Packers, but you know, deep-down inside, that your Packer season has been ruined by the fact that one of their two losses was to...THE MIGHTY CHICAGO BEARS!
Your Packer season is ruined, you're seething, and only I will be able to say at the end of this season that my team has made it to the Super Bowl during this decade.