Sunday, February 10, 2008

Thanks For The Warning!

I bought us a new toaster on Friday.

There was nothing wrong with the old one, but I just felt like getting a new one.

We also bought a new kettle. Again, nothing wrong with the old one.

You see, we had built up about a zillion Super Points at our local Coop grocery store, and I was able to buy the toaster and kettle (already bought a new blender a couple of months ago) at significantly discounted prices.

As I see it: the discount brought the price down to only about 50% more than the stuff would cost in America!

Speaking of America...

The fine people at Kuhn Rikon (the manufacturer) obviously have America in mind as a potential market for their fine appliances.

Why else would they have put this ridiculous warning on top of the toaster? Just to be safe, I left it out on display all weekend.

I'm happy to report that Mrs. TBF made toast this morning, and she didn't burn herself!

Let's hope I remember not to put my fingers inside the toaster.


CanadianSwiss said...

We also got a few items with the points: The kitchen machine, the kettle and the weighing scale.

I wonder why they didn't put a warning like that with the blender...

The Big Finn said...

Oh...I forgot - we got the scale, too.

Unknown said...

very attractive... I'm not sure they sell that skinny a toaster here..

The Big Finn said...

et - It's not really that skinny; it toasts four slices at a time.