Friday, May 16, 2008

Friday Flashback: Long Live The King!

Since the celebration of King's 20th birthday took place this past week, I thought I'd scan and post a couple of pictures to show how long the beast has actually been in our midst.

These pictures were taken in early 1991 when King was about three years old and Mrs. TBF and I were both twenty-something. Yes I still had (some) hair, and I look quite a bit younger. Of course, Mrs. TBF hasn't changed a bit (except for losing the John Lennon glasses and the 80s Benetton shirt)! King? He's a shadow of his former self; probably about five pounds lighter now than he was back then.

These pictures were taken 17 years ago. WOW!


Michelle said...

Aww! Happy Birthday King!

Orange and white cats are the best :)

The DP said...

that cat is the coolest ever. he is like a rock star. better than a rock star. long live the king!!!!

Unknown said...

hey - you should head over to ms.mac's page to see her post on then and now and enter yourself into that contest. I'm sure you'll find some amuzing photo for it too!

Happy bday king! And TBF, don't sweat the small stuff. ;-)