Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Happy Birthday, Your Majesty!

King is 20 years old today....we think.

In truth, we really don't know how old he is, but the vet estimated that he was 2.5 years old when we adopted him (for $30) way back in November of 1990. Since the estimate made May his birth month, we decided that we would celebrate his birthday on the same day as our dog's (R.I.P.!) birthday - May 14th.

How's his majesty celebrating this momentous occasion? Well, the same way that any 98 year old human would celebrate: eating, drinking, sleeping, obsessing over the next bowel movement, and pretty much complaining about anything and everything to the point that the aggravation causes premature aging in all others sharing the same household.

Seriously though...

Despite his bitchin', he's been a great part of our household; a real character. But I have one question:

How much longer can this beast live?

The answer for the past few years has been the same answer as " much longer will you live in Switzerland?": a couple more years. However, I'm pretty certain that the old bag of bones doesn't have two years left in him.

Does anybody care to make a prediction? Maybe I'll start a pool.


Jul said...

Happy birthday King! I'm betting he's got another 2 years in him, easy. If not 5.

Selerines said...

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christina said...

Happy Birthday, King! May you live 4-EVER. Or at least another couple of years or so.

Anonymous said...

my cat is now 22 years old,blind deaf, rheumatic and with a kidney problem.During the last 4 years our vet always said he won't do it one more. And here he is.

Michael Lehet said...

Happy Birthday King! I hope our kitty doesn't live to be 20, that'll make me almost 60 then! OH GOD!

Sal DeTraglia said...

Happy birthday, King. For purposes of the pool, I predict that he will live until the Cubs win a World Series.

BTW...King's birthday is one day after mine.


The Big Finn said...

King asked me to thank you all for the happy birthday wishes. I often tell people that we'll continue to live in Switzerland for as long as King is alive. So another couple of years is fine. Five more years? I...don't...know.
Oh, and Sal -
Happy belated birthday!

The Sour Kraut said...

Who will go first King? Or Zoe?

Happy Birthday King.

The Big Finn said...

tsk - My bet is that King will honor Zoƫ's death by dying the very next day.
BTW...happy belated birthday to you and the Med. Swede.