Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Hi-Yo Silver!!!

Today was an excellent mail day!!!

Kind of sad, isn't it? I actually rate mail days...

The mailman buzzed me from downstairs and informed me that he was leaving our recently ordered box of Nespresso capsules in the lobby.


Hey! But that's not all!

When I went down to grab the Nespresso box, I also checked the mailbox and found that I had received my new British Airways SILVER Executive Club card.


Of course, Mrs. TBF has to ruin my fun by pointing out that since I always fly business class on overseas flights anyway, I'm allowed to use Fast Track and the lounge even without having Silver status. Which I then counter by saying: "HA! But now I'll earn BONUS MILES on all of my flights on BA. Ha!"!


Of course, then I'm reminded that Mrs. TBF has GOLD status, and that she can use the First Class Lounge. The only way I can use it is if I go in as her guest.

That's it!



Global Librarian said...

British Airways allows guests in the lounge???

Swiss Air most emphatically does not allow guests. And Continental and Delta only allow guests if you happen upon one of the friendlier desk folk and it is too busy when you get there.

They used to all allow guests until the economy took a downturn. That was one of the budget cuts. But at least we don't have to pay extra to use a pillow and blanket.

Unless you fly Jet Blue.

Airlines suck!

Mrs. TBF said...

BA allow guests who are flying with the status holding member. So, for example, although we flew in economy class from Basel to Edinburgh I could take TBF in the 1st class lounge because he was on the flight with me. But, recently I ran into a colleague who was flying from Basel to Chicago in BC and I was flying from Basel to JFK in BC and they would not let me bring him into the 1st class lounge because he wasn't on my London to JFK flight!
I agree that airlines generally suck - even for frequent flyers with alledged "status".

Kirk said...

Lufthansa and Star Alliance always let me bring a guest into the lounge. The only time I was questioned was when I tried to bring both my wife and our then-3-month-old daughter into the lounge in Basel and the woman at the desk wasn't happy that I was bringing in two guests. Because, you know, our baby might have eaten all the food and snuck away with 12 copies of the Basler Zeitung...and there's always such a shortage of seats in the Basel lounge. Luckily we prevailed.

Alas, in February I'll lose my Senator status on Lufthansa and we don't fly business class at work, so lounges will be a distant memory...

mr. mac said...

Swiss does allow guests into the lounge. As a Senator, I am allowed one guest regardless of the flight class.

From the Miles and More website:
"Lounge Access for Senator - Business, Senator and Star Gold lounges, as well as 1 travel companion (11)"

BTW, Swissair stopped flying 31.03.2002 :-)

The Big Finn said...

mr. mac - Ok, Swissy! You know what she meant.

Global Librarian said...

Jeepers! So it's Swiss Airline instead of Swiss Air. Doesn't really matter. My husband has Senator status and they have never let me in.

I am printing off a copy of the rules on the website and shoving it down the snotty clerk's Swiss throat the next time we go!

Of course, we only fly Swiss when the flight is 4 hours or less because I flat out refuse to fly Swiss, either in business or coach, on an flight longer than that!

Swiss sucks even more than most airlines!

Mrs. TBF said...

GL - You are so right. Swiss is my last resort! But then back to the topic of airlines suck - TBF told me yesterday that he read that United would start charging for food on trans -Atlantic flights. So not only will they serve you bad food but you have to pay for it!!!! The next thing is going to be complaining about smelly food that passengers start bringing on board because they don't want to pay for airline swill! Where will it all end?