Thursday, August 14, 2008


I hereby propose that my 240 souvenir shot glasses be officially categorized as a collection, and not as clutter.

Those opposed, say nay!




(clearing of throat)


(gavel strikes!!!)

The bill has been officially passed into TBF-Household law!

This session is adjourned!

(gavel strikes again!!!)


Mrs. TBF said...

2 can play at that game. I will take my exemption on my night stand. You are not allowed to de-clutter it or even look inside it!

The Big Finn said...


(gavel strikes!!!)

Mrs. TBF said...

No. Unreasonable. Night stand off limits. Case closed. I'm dusting for fingerprints next.

The Honourable Husband said...

Mrs. TBF,

With a collection of 240 shot glasses, at least you know your husband is not gay. treasure them.


Anonymous said...

Oh, you crazy kids ...!

Angie said...

My husband would agree with you.

I only have one shot glass -- the only thing that I've ever stolen (from a bar in Berlin). What can I say -- it was my first time being drunk! I found out I'm a bit of a klepto when I'm drunk. Whoops!

(It was a "how the hell did THIS get here?!" moment the following morning, when I found it in my purse.)