Saturday, August 02, 2008

We Saw A Sign...

...on a Christian academy in Arlington Heights, Illinois yesterday that said:


So now that we've suddenly discovered that our cat is Jesus Christ, we figured it was about time we got headin' back to Switzerland so we can show him some love.

It's approaching 7 p.m. in Chicago, and we're just sittin' here in the BA Lounge enjoying a couple of cool drinks and looking at the beautiful blue Chicago sky waiting for our 8:25 flight to London.

We feel like we've been away from home for a looooooooooooong time! I guess it HAS been two weeks, but it actually feels longer than that; maybe it's because we've crammed so many things into the past fourteen days.

I have to admit that I could stay here (a lot) longer, but Mrs. TBF has to get back to work, AND...we don't want to tick-off Jesus.

Talk to all youse guyses soon!

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Unknown said...

ok - you really made me laugh on that one... Yes Vacations are way too short.