Thursday, November 13, 2008

Crisis? What Crisis?

Isn't there some kind of credit crisis going on right now?

If so, then why did I just receive this e-mail from my U.S. credit card company? You know...the credit card I rarely use.

Congratulations. Your revolving Credit Line is $40,000.

As a valued cardmember who has maintained an excellent account record with us, you have earned the credit line indicated above.

Buying power is in your hands.
You can use your card for all your purchases -
from everyday expenses like groceries and clothes,
to big-ticket items like vacations and home improvements.

Isn't revolving credit one of the things that has gotten people into such a big mess in the first place? It's called spending money you don't have, people! Don't do it!!!

Okey-dokey....I'll get off my soapbox now. But I've gotta be careful: the TBF soapbox is a BIG soapbox.


islandgirl4ever2 said...

Holy Cow!! I had NOOO idea... I thought people's credit was being snapped in half and taken away... Oh well... You MUST be the exception- TBF... Maybe they know that things are more expensive in Suisse and they think you'll wrack up your credit card faster.. hehehe... Yeh.. I agree with you, don't do it!

The Big Finn said...

leesa - Not only do I have this large credit limit, but I haven't had a job in over eight years!!!