Thursday, April 02, 2009

DesTROYING The Competition!

Dear Mrs. TBF:

Do you remember the new Tango tram that was going in the opposite direction this morning right after you got on your (outdated) tram to go to work? Yeah? Well, I ran across to the other platform, jumped in (just happened to have my camera in my jacket pocket), and rode on it for one stop to the Coop to pick up a few groceries that we didn't really need. Then, I snapped a photo of it pulling away in all its Tango glory.

Maybe it really only takes ONE to tango.



For those of you keeping score at home: TBF = 3 Tango rides Mrs. TBF = ZERO!


Mrs. TBF said...


islandgirl4ever2 said...

Cute TANGO!! We are getting 5 new tramway lines in Paris by 2010! I guess it would be equiv. to the TANGO!
Hope you guys are enjoying the same nice "spring" weather we are here in the Paris area....
Take care ....

Hi to Mrs. TBF! : )