Tuesday, June 09, 2009

One Of My Favorite Things...

...is to watch people falling asleep in public. I find few things funnier than a person nodding off, suddenly jerking awake, and then looking up at everybody and wondering why they're all staring at him.

I'm even chuckling right now thinking about it.

The 2+ hour train ride from Lausanne to Basel last month provided a worthy subject. First, the guy spent about ten minutes "digging for gold" - that, I tried to ignore. However, soon the eyes grew heavy, and the head began to nod.

I got my camera ready.

A couple of minutes later, Mrs. TBF said: "NOW!"

Snap! Photographic gold!

Another one for the "falling asleep in public" collection. They go into the file with this one from somewhere over the Atlantic in January 2007, and this one from Tokyo in October 2007.

Maybe one day I'll publish them all in a coffee table book


Unknown said...

lol - with is mouth open, the best.. I love watching this too!

The nodding this is really funny...

Now the big question, is what do you look like in the same situation?

J said...

People do this all the time in Asia - and not always accidentally.

The Big Finn said...

ET - Just go back through my blog and you'll find plenty of pictures that Mrs. TBF has taken of me when I've been asleep in public.