Friday, December 10, 2004

I was just wondering...

Why don't Swiss people wear gloves and hats? I've noticed this for some time, and it was noticed immediately by my parents when they visited us a couple of years ago.
The temperature this morning was below freezing. Mrs. TBF and I both had on hats, gloves, and scarves when we walked to the tram. We were definitely in the minority. Most of the people we saw just walked around looking cold with their hands pulled into their sleeves. Why they don't put on a pair of gloves, I just can't figure out. I even noticed a mom riding a bike with her two-ish year old child riding behind her in the child seat. The kid's gloveless hands were flailing around in the wind. Also, the kid wasn't wearing a hat. There's no way this kid could have been warm enough when you added in the wind chill of a bike ride with a temperature of -1ºC.
It's really strange. The locals wear winter coats, and the heat on the tram gets turned on, when the outdoor temperature drops below 15ºC, but very few people wear hats or gloves when it's really cold out. Sometimes, I just can't figure out these people.

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