Thursday, December 02, 2004

Turkey...Day 6, and counting!

We had our Thanksgiving turkey at Andy and Di's house last Saturday night, and I have to say it was some damn fine bird! It was about 9.5 kilos/21 lbs., and I made it on the Weber as usual (11 minutes per pound, indirect method, add 10 coals per side...has never failed me yet). As it turns out, it was the bird that almost wasn't. Let me explain.
About a week before our dinner, while I was in Chicago, Mrs. TBF went with a French speaking co-worker to the grocery store just over the border in St. Louis, France. There, they ordered an eight kilo turkey, and said that we'd pick it up on Friday, November 26th. When Friday came, I picked up Mrs. TBF and a few of her co-workers. Fortunately, her assistant (who is French), also came along just in case we had any problems. And, as it turns out, we did.
As we walked up to the meat department, we noticed one 9.5 kilo bird in the "public" cooler. I kind of stayed back looking it over while Mrs. TBF's co-worker began speaking with the man behind the meat counter. Suddenly, I saw him shaking his head, which was followed by him and a butcherette looking through various coolers. He told me (translated by Mrs. TBF's co-worker) to guard the ONE REMAINING TURKEY in the cooler...I did. After finding no turkey with our name on it, he looked at a list, and then he showed us that our name had been crossed off. Why? I guess we'll never know. All I know is, that we ended up walking out of GĂ©ant with a bigger bird than we expected. And, that brings me to my point...
The downfall of a 9.5 kilo turkey: turkey leftovers for days. Sunday through Tuesday consisted of leftover turkey, stuffing, etc. Last night, I thought I was in the homestretch when I was making the turkey soup. Then, I realized that I had about three more meals worth of soup leftover after eating last night's dinner. I'll have turkey soup for lunch and dinner today, and then for lunch tomorrow.
I love a good bird. But, enough is enough.

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