Saturday, December 04, 2004

Many good things happened yesterday...

First of all, an excellent week of fitness culminated with an intensive, butt-kicking kick boxing class followed by some relaxation in the Sauna Landschaft and five minutes in the tanning bed at my gym.
Then, Mrs. TBF returned from a two-night business trip to Dublin with some black puddin' from the Dublin Airport duty-free shop. If you've never had black pudding, I highly recommend it. Find an Irish butcher, and bring some home for a proper Irish breakfast.
Mrs. TBF and I then walked over to Emil Frey to pick up our car. The men in the blue lab coats had it waiting for us all vacuumed out. Most importantly - the CD player was repaired. Not only was it repaired, but they had it cued up so that when I turned the car on, Going For the One (my favorite album of all time), by Yes, was playing. It was the third CD in the player, so it couldn't have been at random. By the way, when you have your car repaired in Switzerland, you don't pay before you leave the dealership. THEY SEND YOU THE BILL IN THE MAIL...SOMETIMES AS MUCH AS ONE MONTH AFTER THE REPAIR! Can you believe it? What a trusting country. Could you imagine what would happen in the U.S. if you didn't have to pay your car service bill before getting your keys back? The U.S. bill collection industry would double overnight!
After we returned home, I took a forty-five minute nap. Then, I finally finished the last of the turkey soup with a couple of BLT sandwiches. As a rule, any day where bacon is consumed automatically bumps that day into the top percentile of all days.
Finally, marital relations probably would have resulted in this being the pinnacle of all days, but Mrs. TBF and I were rather tired. She was tired from her trip, and I was tired from a combination of kick boxing and a stomach full of bacon. I guess it just wasn't to be. But, it was a great day nonetheless!

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