Monday, December 27, 2004

Those German lessons are beginning to pay off!

I went to the post office today to buy some garbage stickers (here, you have to buy stickers that you stick on each bag of garbage which means that you pay for each bag of garbage you throw out). When I walked up to the front door of the post office, I was surprised to find about forty people standing in line (usually it's one or two people). The line did not move at all after two minutes, and I told the man in front of me that I only needed to buy Abfallmarken, and he told me that I could buy them at the pharmacy down the street and save waiting in line. I drove down the street, bought my garbage stickers, found out the price is actually going to be reduced after the first of January (imagine that...the town is actually going to reduce the price of something!), and then I went to pick up Mrs. TBF who was playing tennis with a friend about five minutes away. So, making some small talk in German easily saved me twenty minutes of waiting time today.

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